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Using proven counterintelligence techniques and our extensive experience, we create a first line of defence against information theft.

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We are trusted providers of bug sweeps and information security advice to scores of global organisations.

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Jayde Consulting works with organisations to protect intellectual property and sensitive information, investigate any breaches and mitigate losses.

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Threat Profile

Over half of the world’s leading companies are believed to have been the target of hacking, espionage, eavesdropping, and/or information theft. The threats are wide and varied and are often not discovered until it’s too late.

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Our bug sweeps and preventive consulting assist to detect evidence of illegal surveillance and protect against the theft of critical information. We are considered as subject matter experts in this specialist field.

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Cyber Investigations

Have you already experienced an information breach? Our counter-surveillance and cyber investigation services, assist to determine whether your company has been compromised or might be in the future.

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Information Security

To protect your intellectual property, Jayde Consulting’s contracted teams develop security architecture and governance frameworks to monitor and detect attempts to compromise your assets or the information contained within.

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