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Counterintelligence Assessment

One of the great challenges for modern security professionals is the integration of technical surveillance countermeasures (“TSCM”), information technology (“IT”) security and human behaviour.

  • A TSCM inspection involves the visual, electronic and physical detection of unauthorised audio and video surveillance devices (electronic bugs).
  • IT security is more concerned with information security applied to computer devices, networks and the information stored within.
  • Human behaviour relates to an employee’s security awareness, culture, integrity and other typical human factors that could weaken an organisation’s security posture.

These three aspects of information containment are often assigned across multiple departments, further placing an organisation at risk.

Jayde Consulting is experienced in tying these services together to create an effective counterintelligence programme that encompasses TSCM (bug sweeps), IT security and the management of human interactions. We will assess a client’s current security posture, understanding of security awareness and their security processes, with a view to determining what controls need to be improved or implemented. We also detect and investigate previous incidents of information loss and work with clients to mitigate the likelihood of incidents occurring in the future.