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First line of defence.

Protecting against espionage, sabotage, extortion and/or other hostile intelligence activities is now a necessity in business and government. Defensive counterintelligence activities include the need to ensure that any hostile efforts to penetrate your organisation are detected and thwarted, before they become an issue. It is all about protecting business secrets and intellectual property, by staying ahead of the attackers.

All too often, information is revealed unintentionally, simply by the fact that it is not sufficiently secured. Information technology advancements, whilst making the handling of information much easier, also enable that information to be stored in a central location which unfortunately can be compromised in just moments, if appropriate controls are not in place.

In addition to this, employees may inadvertently reveal sensitive information via social media, telephone conversations, or by leaving printed documents exposed. They are also often susceptible to social engineering and may unwittingly install viruses on their computers, giving full access to online criminals. In the case of IT administrators, typing an incorrect keystroke or not properly securing a wireless access point may unintentionally result in information being plastered across the Internet for all to see.

In a more sinister manner, disgruntled employees and contractors, undercover operatives, or political / activist whistleblowers can easily leak information online, to competitors or via traditional media outlets, such as those seen in the Snowden incident or via Wikileaks.

These are not fictitious scenarios. In fact, it is widely believed that over 50% of corporations have been victim to such incidents – some knowingly and others unknowingly (until it is too late).

Core areas of support

Our counterintelligence services comprise two core components. Those are:

Jayde Consulting’s advisors work with clients to plug the holes and identify where breaches might occur, before they do. We review policies and processes, security controls, security education and awareness; and other facets of digital and operational security – in a preventive manner. Our reporting is clear, concise and unbiased.

When engaged, Jayde Consulting will help to restore and/or maintain confidentiality within your organisation.