Professional office bug sweeping services in Australia. Effective surveillance detection services.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

For organisations willing to maintain an effective counterintelligence programme, technical surveillance countermeasure (“TSCM”) inspections, or electronic bug sweeps, should form a critical part of that process.

Jayde Consulting’s TSCM service employs a range of specialist equipment including spectrum analysers to detect illegal wireless radio transmissions, broadband receivers to locate close-range surveillance bugs, non-linear junction detectors (like a metal detector, only for electronic components) to detect hidden electronics, covert lens detectors to find hidden surveillance cameras, and more.

These services aim to detect attempts at espionage and eavesdropping within corporate or government environments.

Jayde Consulting’s TSCM bug sweep services are often engaged prior to or during mergers and acquisitions, in preparation for board meetings, during sensitive marketing or strategy meetings, when discussing corporate take-overs, or any other scenario requiring an increased level of security and information integrity.