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Cyber Investigations

Cyber-crime is rapidly on the increase and if a victim, can result in devastating damage financially and to reputation.

Jayde Consulting’s [contracted] cyber-investigators assist clients to investigate incidents of computer hacking, cyber-espionage, intellectual property theft, fraud, online defamation, denial-of-service and other such cyber-attacks. Our team offers global experience in this field, placing us in a unique position to understand what processes to follow and boundaries by which to adhere.

Jayde Consulting’s team work with authorities and legal representatives to determine the source of online threats and provide options to mitigate damage. We use a combination of investigative techniques, cyber-intelligence and practical analysis, resulting in efficient and cost-effective outcomes for our clients.

In such instances, our focus is on restoring confidence and getting organisations back on their feet as soon as practicable after a critical event. Most importantly, we are discrete and manage all engagements confidentially and empathetically. Please contact us on 1300 999 800 for a private discussion.