Professional office bug sweeping services in Australia. Effective surveillance detection services.

Information Security

Most organisations understand the true value of information and the consequences of such information being compromised. Our expertise in the field of practical information security helps these organisations identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within their infrastructure, before attackers take advantage of them.

Jayde Consulting recognises the importance of security audits and policy reviews to improve an organisation’s overall security stance.

Unlike professional penetration testers and IT auditors, hackers have the benefit of time. They also use a multi-pronged approach to identifying information vulnerabilities, creatively finding the weakest link within an IT security perimeter.

Should an attack against a corporate infrastructure be unsuccessful, rogue operatives may switch their attention to executives’ personal residences, which on the most part, do not maintain the same level of information protection or security.

How we can assist

Jayde Consulting currently offers two unique services in the field of practical information security. These are:

  • Security as Service – designed to identify vulnerabilities by capturing and analysing network flows.
  • Penetration Testing – uses an asymmetric approach to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in information security defences.