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Security as a Service

Digital information forms the crux of most organisations’ operations. Whether it be sales plans, budgets, product releases, research and development, or acquisitions; the leaking of this information could prove detrimental to a company’s bottom line and reputation. Monitoring and protecting the movement of this information is therefore essential when maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organisations’ data and information technology resources.

Jayde Consulting provides organisations with an overarching view of digital activity via an integrated online dashboard, looking for anomalies or any attempts to defeat in-situ security controls. We can identify vulnerabilities associated with espionage, information governance, sabotage, internal disputes and other employee activities.

Furthermore, we provide a cloud-based encryption solution to protect digital information at its core, regardless of where that information extends.

Our Security as a Service solutions monitor digital activity without impeding the regular data flow and with no interruption to any digital aspects of an organisations’ operations.

Key Benefits

  • Targeted and specific real-time review of cyber activity
  • Information provided on network traffic activity and trends, particularly if they fall outside acceptable security protocols
  • Analysis of networks to detect any unauthorised activity and/or a targeted attack
  • On the run encryption of all designated digital data, regardless of its destination

Jayde Consulting’s Security as a Service provides peace of mind, passive monitoring and practical support to protect your digital assets and the data within.