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Threat Profile

The realm of espionage and cyber technology touches virtually every aspect of modern society. We rely on technology personally, in business and throughout our critical infrastructure and services. As a result, our use of multiple portable devices such as phones and tablets, laptops, desktop computers and online (cloud) servers to access and store information, leaves us susceptible to a variety of threats. Furthermore, discussions held in corporate offices can easily be bugged, compromising integrity and opening organisations up to corporate, industrial and government espionage. Typically, it is the insider threat conducting espionage or sabotage and they are often overlooked and usually unexpected.

An attacker, whether they be based online or in person, may have many different intentions, tools and levels of determination.

For example, a rogue foreign government might target particular business sectors (such as resource companies, defence contractors and/or technology firms); business competitors are eager to obtain intellectual property and strategic plans; and activists (or hacktivists as they are often now known) will make every effort to disrupt an organisation or steal information for propaganda purposes. Finally, criminals will partake in cyber crime and espionage simply to make money.

Whether targeted or opportunistic, an attack against you or your business could result in potentially devastating outcomes by way of financial loss, loss of confidential information or severe damage to your reputation.

Don’t wait for such an incident to occur. Engage Jayde Consulting to assist you with preventive security consulting and support.

If you’ve already been targeted, let us investigate the breach, help to manage the fallout and work with your team to mitigate the loss and better secure your essential information, moving forward.